Birding Business Cover Story – December 2010


Picture of Birding Business Magazine
John Guertin has an interesting story to tell and he’s not afraid to tell it.

One of the hardest jobs of a retailer is getting attention in the community – in a way that does not involve taking out ads in the media. John Guertin’s Heart & Eagle Company manages to do just that. The story behind his work has gotten him local, regional and national coverage and it may give you some inspiration and P.R. ideas of your own.


Guertin handcrafts birdhouses and bird feeders out of salvaged wood. Some of it came with the old Victorian house he and his wife own in Grand Rapids, Michigan, some he purchases, and a great deal of it comes from the old Patterson Barn where President Gerald Ford worked … ”
(milking cows as part of an election promise in 1948. He promised Kentwood farmers that if they
cast their votes for him and he won a seat in Congress, he’d work on the Patterson farm every morning for a fortnight.)


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